Athens – Getting Reacquainted

And we're off! First day was a blur, I was welcomed at the airport by the lovely Maggie Mullins and Ali to help cart a few hundred pounds of luggage. I don't know how I would have managed without them. Maggie is a fellow volunteer I met last fall in Kos And Ali is a … Continue reading Athens – Getting Reacquainted

Funding Appeal – for my 2nd mission to help refugees

April 28th is getting nearer and I'm preparing my suitcases full of donations. I will be purchasing most items in Greece to help their economy however I want to fill up my suitcases with small items I can fit in large quantity. Items that I know from my last trip are more economical to buy … Continue reading Funding Appeal – for my 2nd mission to help refugees

First Snow

Today was quite literally the best day I have had in months. I spend a lot of time staying on top of what is happening in Europe with the greatest humanitarian disaster of modern history--sourcing out the real news and trying to raise awareness at home. I see a lot of negativity towards people who … Continue reading First Snow

Refugee Profiles – The Boy With No Voice

While volunteering on the island of Kos, Greece where the overcrowded boats were arriving from Turkey we found that many new arrivals had gone for a very long period without eating before they made the treacherous journey across the sea. In addition, they often missed the first meal once they arrived on the island, not … Continue reading Refugee Profiles – The Boy With No Voice

My Personal Facebook Posts While Volunteering In Kos, Greece Helping With The Refugee Crisis

I wanted to remind myself of my time spent volunteering and was looking back through the maze of all my posts and shares on my Facebook page- Holy Dinah! Weeding through the, let's say, impressive amount of posts took me a good three hours. And I am a speed reader! I took out all of the shared posts and put together only what I personally posted. So here it is-still long, sorry, spelling mistakes, bad grammar and all

Refugee Profiles – KhĂŁthĂŞrä

I met KhĂŁthĂŞrä and her lovely family when I was volunteering in Kos, Greece. I was very impressed with this young girl's bravery, intelligence and brilliant smile. She is determined to learn and although she has been unable to go to school she practices English diligently. KhĂŁthĂŞrä is only sixteen years old and has seen too much tragedy … Continue reading Refugee Profiles – KhĂŁthĂŞrä

Refugee Profiles – Family Lost

In the early hours of November 17th tragedy once again struck in Kos, Greece. An over-loaded boat carrying eighteen Syrian refugees from Turkey to Greece flipped over in the high waves of the perilous Aegean sea. Carrie Davies, Lilian Hill and I were out on the beach that morning looking for the missing instead of … Continue reading Refugee Profiles – Family Lost

So You Want To Volunteer

You are looking at numerous heartbreaking images whilst scrolling through your news feed, and thinking: What can I do to help? You read stories of volunteers and how they are helping in the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II. You have this overwhelming urge to help, but don’t know if your small contribution will … Continue reading So You Want To Volunteer