First and foremost I am a mother of 2 and a Gramma to 3. I do not define myself by my career, I work to live, I don’t live to work. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Business. I majored in human resource management although the work I do is more on the accounting side. I am great at organizing, I love making lists! I absolutely love to travel but hate all inclusives – I like to get right into the culture! I also love driving and like taking off on long road trips. I have a license to drive a boat and a license to shoot firearms. I have an annoying partner who has been working on our house – mid reno for 3 yrs, driving me bonkers! I like to hike, mud race and lift weights (tho i haven’t in months). I  give too much away. My dream job is to be a philanthropist but I don’t have any money. I would also love to be a writer, I have a half finished novel that one day I hope to complete. I love my friends. I have a dog named, Max and a cat named, Pedro. Life is good!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Charmaine,
    I’ve read your blog – very moving. Found you on Twitter #SafePassage
    Would you be interested in having your blog made into an ebook?
    For example to raise funds for refugees?
    I can help you with the publishing / donate editing, formatting, cover etc.
    I am from the East Coast, right now in the US until April.

    My email: 111Publishing@gmail.com

    Doris-Maria Heilmann


  2. Hej. I read your Letters and I am very Shocked about the live of this People! Its very interesting for me, because I have relationship with a Pakistani in Germany. Its dificult enough. And his younger brother lives now in athen! And we dont know what can we do!


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