Funding Appeal – for my 2nd mission to help refugees

April 28th is getting nearer and I'm preparing my suitcases full of donations. I will be purchasing most items in Greece to help their economy however I want to fill up my suitcases with small items I can fit in large quantity. Items that I know from my last trip are more economical to buy … Continue reading Funding Appeal – for my 2nd mission to help refugees

First Snow

Today was quite literally the best day I have had in months. I spend a lot of time staying on top of what is happening in Europe with the greatest humanitarian disaster of modern history--sourcing out the real news and trying to raise awareness at home. I see a lot of negativity towards people who … Continue reading First Snow

What I Learned While Volunteering

An article on volunteering by a lovely volunteer I met in Belgrade who also volunteered on Kos. Thank you Rachel 🙂


Most people who have approached me about my traveling experiences express the most interest in volunteering abroad. Volunteering was one of the most valuable educational experiences I had while traveling, despite the brevity of the work. This post, therefore, is about the lessons I learned while volunteering overseas.


Bear in mind that these observations are drawn solely from my own experiences, and are not to be taken as universally applicable to all volunteering circumstances. These lessons may have differed vastly if I had volunteered elsewhere, or not with refugees headed into Europe. I encourage readers to do their own research and view this as a reflection of a personal experience, instead of a research piece.


I volunteered twice: at a resource center for asylum seekers in Belgrade, Serbia, and on the Greek island of Kos. As is to be expected, the bulk of the volunteer work…

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