My Personal Facebook Posts While Volunteering In Kos, Greece Helping With The Refugee Crisis

I wanted to remind myself of my time spent volunteering and was looking back through the maze of all my posts and shares on my Facebook page- Holy Dinah! Weeding through the, let's say, impressive amount of posts took me a good three hours. And I am a speed reader! I took out all of the shared posts and put together only what I personally posted. So here it is-still long, sorry, spelling mistakes, bad grammar and all

Refugee Profiles – Khãthêrä

I met Khãthêrä and her lovely family when I was volunteering in Kos, Greece. I was very impressed with this young girl's bravery, intelligence and brilliant smile. She is determined to learn and although she has been unable to go to school she practices English diligently. Khãthêrä is only sixteen years old and has seen too much tragedy … Continue reading Refugee Profiles – Khãthêrä

Refugee Profiles – Family Lost

In the early hours of November 17th tragedy once again struck in Kos, Greece. An over-loaded boat carrying eighteen Syrian refugees from Turkey to Greece flipped over in the high waves of the perilous Aegean sea. Carrie Davies, Lilian Hill and I were out on the beach that morning looking for the missing instead of … Continue reading Refugee Profiles – Family Lost

So You Want To Volunteer

You are looking at numerous heartbreaking images whilst scrolling through your news feed, and thinking: What can I do to help? You read stories of volunteers and how they are helping in the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II. You have this overwhelming urge to help, but don’t know if your small contribution will … Continue reading So You Want To Volunteer

Goodbye 2015

One year ago I saw a Facebook post about a gratitude jar, where everyday you write down something you are grateful for and put it in a jar, that way you can look back and perhaps when you are feeling down remind yourself you have a lot to be grateful for. I was away in … Continue reading Goodbye 2015